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Perfluorocarbon (FFKM) O-rings
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Perfluorocarbon (FFKM) O-rings

Parco’s perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) O-rings provide an alternative to those made from Kalrez® and similar perfluoroelastomers. FFKM O-rings can be used in continuous temperatures of up to 600°F and resist more chemicals than seals made from other elastomers.

Individual FFKM compounds have service temperatures that range from 10 to +600°F. Parco’s most popular high performance FFKM compound for O-rings is listed below.

Elastomer Compound Durometer
(Shore A)
Color Key Properties
Perfluoro (FFKM) 8082-75 75 Black AMS 7275 compliant

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