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Rubber-to-Metal Bonded
Rubber-to-Metal Bonded

Rubber-to-Metal Bonded

Parco excels at producing rubber-to-metal bonded parts of exceptional quality. Those parts are used for high pressure applications. Rubber is typically bonded to an insert chemically or mechanically. Inserts can be supplied by either Parco or a customer. Rubber-to-metal bonded seals are used in a variety of applications, including automotive braking systems, fuel-dispensing equipment, and oil field completion tools.

Parco makes rubber-to-metal bonded parts in outside dimensions ranging from 0.500 to 8 inches, and seal thicknesses from 0.050 to 0.500 inches. To ensure consistent high quality and on-time delivery, we machine our own metal components using numerically controlled (CNC) lathes. Parco’s in-house capabilities for making tooling and metal components can provide you with rubber-to-metal parts within two weeks through our Fast Track Program.

Below is a selection of Parco’s most popular rubber-to-metal bonded parts.


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