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Fluorosilicone O-rings
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Fluorosilicone O-rings

Fluorosilicone shares the outstanding ozone, sunlight, and weathering resistance of the silicone. Parco’s fluorosilicone O-rings find their widest use in aggressive military, aerospace, and automotive environments involving exposure to fuels over wide temperature ranges. They are not recommended for dynamic sealing due to poor abrasion resistance.

Individual fluorosilicone compounds have service temperatures that range from -80 to +350°F. Parco’s most popular high performance fluorosilicone compounds for O-rings are listed below.

Elastomer Compound Durometer
(Shore A)
Color Key Properties
Fluorosilicone 1902-60 60 Blue AMS R 25988, AMS 3325, and MIL R 25988 compliant
Fluorosilicone 1933-70 70 Blue AMS R 25988 and MIL R 25988 compliant

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