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UL-Listed Compounds
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UL-Listed Compounds

Parco is a leading supplier of O-rings and custom rubber seals for UL 157. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product-safety testing and certification organization. UL tests and certifies certain products to ensure the safety of end-use applications.

To quickly find the best UL-listed compound for your application, please see the table below.  If you need a UL-listed compound for a specific fluid, please contact our R & D lab at

UL-Listed Compounds

Elastomer Compound Durometer
(Shore A)
Color Key Properties
Nitrile 0228-70 65 Black Resistant to aromatic and non-aromatic fuels
Nitrile 2295-70 70 Black Good in fuel
Nitrile 4200-70 70 Black Resistant to petroleum oils, fuels, and engine coolants
Fluorocarbon 9131-60 70 Black Low temperature; fuel resistant; excellent in hot fuel
Fluorocarbon 9167-60 60 Black For use in HTS aircraft oils; fuel resistant; lowest temp FKM
Fluorocarbon 9124-65 60 Black High fluorine FKM elastomer with good fuel resistance
Fluorocarbon 9009-75 65 Black Resistant to aromatic fuels and synthetic di-ester oils
Fluorocarbon 9131-75 75 Black Viton GFLT
EPDM 5315-70 70 Black Low cost; FDA conforming; NSF-61 approved
Fluorosilicone 1932-75 75 Blue Flex fuel resistant; low temperature; automotive fuel seal

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