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HNBR O-rings
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HNBR O-rings

Hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) significantly outperforms conventional nitrile in resisting heat and sour crude oil. HNBR is recommended when upgrading from nitrile or as an economical alternative to more expensive fluorocarbon elastomers.

Parco’s HNBR O-rings provide excellent service with corrosion inhibitors, sour crude, and ultraviolet light. Individual HNBR compounds have service temperatures within the range from -40 to +325°F.

Parco’s most popular high performance HNBR compounds for O-rings are listed below.

Elastomer Compound Durometer
(Shore A)
Color Key Properties
HNBR 2269-70 70 Black Peroxide-cured
HNBR 2269-90 90 Black Peroxide-cured
HNBR 2285-80 80 Black Compression set resistant

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