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FDA-Conforming Compounds
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FDA-Conforming Compounds

Parco is a leading supplier of O-rings and custom rubber seals that are FDA compliant per CFR Title 21 Part 177.2600 Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use.

To quickly find the best FDA conforming compound for your application, please see the table below.

Popular FDA-Conforming Compounds

Elastomer Compound Durometer
(Shore A)
Color Key Properties
Silicone 1200-70 70 Brick Red Low price; general-purpose; for use with milk and oils
Silicone 1225-40 40 Brick Red Low price; general-purpose
Nitrile 4460-60 60 Black Excellent resistance to compression set
Nitrile 4926-70 70 Black General-purpose
Nitrile 4950-70 70 Black General purpose
Ethylene Propylene 5300-70 70 Black General purpose; peroxide-cured
Ethylene Propylene 5315-70 70 Black Low price; general purpose
Ethylene Propylene 5325-70 70 Black General purpose; NSF 61 listed
Ethylene Propylene 5601-70 70 Black Resistant to weather, ozone, and water
Ethylene Propylene 5763-70 70 Purple Low compression set; for use with milk and oils
Ethylene Propylene 5768-60 60 Black Low coefficient of friction
Ethylene Propylene 5778-50 50 Black Internally lubricated
Ethylene Propylene 5778-70 70 Black Internally lubricated
Ethylene Propylene 5778-80 80 Black Internally lubricated
Ethylene Propylene 5778-90 90 Black Internally lubricated
Fluorocarbon 9540-70 70 Black General-purpose

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