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Nitrile O-rings
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Nitrile O-rings

Nitrile, also known as Buna-N, is the standard to which all the other elastomers are compared. More than half of all sealing needs can be met with nitrile. Because they are versatile and inexpensive, nitriles are the most popular industrial seal material.

Parco’s Nitrile O-rings provide excellent service with gasoline, crude oil, power steering fluid, hexane, toluene, water, water-based hydraulic fluids, and dilute bases such as sodium hydroxide. Individual nitrile compounds have service temperatures that range from -65 to +250°F, including certain compounds formulated for lower temperatures.

Parco’s most popular high performance nitrile compounds for O-rings are listed below.

Elastomer Compound Durometer
(Shore A)
Color Key Properties
Nitrile 4457-65 65 Black AMS P 5315 compliant; QPL listed
Nitrile 0228-70 70 Black UL-listed
Nitrile 4200-70 70 Black UL-listed
Nitrile 4067-70 70 Black MIL P 25732 compliant; QPL-listed; low temperature
Nitrile 4456-70 70 Black MIL G 21569, and MIL P 82745 compliant
Nitrile 4367-70 70 Black Peroxide-cured; AMS P 83461 and MIL P 83461 compliant; QPL-listed; low temperature
Nitrile 0483-80 80 Black Sulfur-cured
Nitrile 2067-90 90 Black Carboxylated nitrile
Nitrile 4177-90 90 Black Sulfur-cured
Nitrile 4058-90 90 Black Sulfur-cured; MIL R 3065 compliant

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