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Parco Acquires General Seal Company

  • Posted by Parco Inc on November 6, 2013

Parco, Inc., a leading manufacturer of O-rings and rubber seals, announced that on November 5, 2013, it acquired General Seal Company, Inc., a leading distributor of O-rings and rubber seals based in southern California.  The acquisition supports Parco’s growth strategy.

The combination of Parco and General Seal strengthens Parco’s position as one of the largest companies supplying O-rings and rubber seals in North America.

General Seal will continue to operate from its current facility in Anaheim, California.  All General Seal employees will remain active in the business to ensure that General Seal customers continue to receive excellent service.

About Parco, Inc.

Founded in 1941, Parco was the first manufacturer to specialize in O-rings, still one of our primary products. Today, Parco has two modern facilities manufacturing O-rings, custom-molded elastomeric seals, rubber-to-metal bonded parts, and machined metal parts. Our 154,000 square-foot facility in Ontario, California is one of the largest plants in the world making molded rubber seals. Our 30,000 square-foot facility in Dallas, Texas specializes in complex custom-molded elastomeric products and machined metal parts.

About General Seal Company, Inc.

General Seal is a leading distributor of O-rings, gaskets, cord stock, extrusions, and custom molded rubber seals.  Since 1971, the company has operated from a warehouse in Anaheim, California.