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Fuel-Dispensing Seals

  • Posted by Parco Inc on April 10, 2012

O-rings and Custom Molded Rubber Seals for Fuel-Dispensing Applications

Parco has provided the fuel-dispensing equipment industry with high quality O-rings, rubber-to-metal bonded parts, and other custom molded seals for decades.  Parco’s custom fuel-dispensing seals and O-rings are made from compounds that have very low compression set for extended service life.

Parco offers three popular compounds to meet the needs of many sealing applications in the fuel-dispensing equipment industry.  Parco’s 2295-70 compound is a 70-durometer black nitrile.  It is fuel-resistant, alcohol resistant, and UL-listed.  Our 9131-75 compound is also fuel resistant and UL 157 listed.  It is a 75-durometer, peroxide-cured, black fluorocarbon.  Some fuel dispensing seals are used in very cold environments.  If you intend to purchase seals that need to withstand service temperatures as low as -40°F, consider Parco’s compound 9167-60.  Seals made from that compound are UL-25 listed and resist fuels in a wide range of temperatures.

If you require a compound other than what is described above, we invite you to direct any compound questions to our R & D department at

Remember, to maintain a pumping apparatus, fuel-dispensing O-rings and custom seals should be inspected for normal wear when other equipment is being serviced or examined.  Should a seal experience excessive wear or distortion, it should be replaced so other problems don’t arise.

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