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Parco Releases Brochure for Explosive Decompression Resistant, 95-Durometer FKM Seals (9253-95)

  • Posted by Parco Inc on March 5, 2009

Ontario, California,  March 5, 2009.  Parco, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high performance seals, recently released its new 9253-95 Fluorocarbon brochure.

Parco’s new 2-page brochure provides information on our latest 95-durometer fluorocarbon compound, 9253-95. Seals made from Parco’s 9253-95 meet the challenging demands of the oilfield industry. Our 95-durometer performs extremely well in high pressure, caustic environments.

Parco’s 9253-95 fluorocarbon compound offers these benefits:

  • Excellent resistance to explosive decompression
  • Enhanced resistance to extrusion
  • Outstanding resistance to compression set

Parco’s 95-durometer seals have a compression set of 10 percent which allows seals made from 9253-95 to better maintain their original elastomeric properties, preserving seal integrity. Parco’s 9253-95 also addresses the challenge of explosive decompression. After conducting a single cycle, 24-hour pressure soak, seals made from 9253-95 exhibited no visible decompression damage.

You can view Parco’s new 9253-95 Fluorocarbon Seals brochure in the Literature section of Parco’s web site.  If you would like to receive a printed copy, simply contact your Parco customer service representative or e-mail us at