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Parco Becomes Tier One Supplier for Genuine Viton® O-rings

  • Posted by Parco Inc on May 22, 2003

Ontario, California, May 22, 2003.  Parco Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance seals, today became a Tier One supplier for O-rings under DuPont Dow Elastomer’s Genuine Viton® program.

Tier One suppliers manufacture and supply fluorocarbon products using 100 percent virgin Viton® from DuPont Dow Elastomers.  Parco offers Genuine Viton® compounds in a range of durometers for general purpose, harsh chemical, and low-temperature applications.

Parco’s Genuine Viton® O-rings are manufactured and distributed following strict guidelines established by DuPont Dow Elastomers.   All Genuine Viton® products are identified by the Genuine Viton® label or “mark” as a sign of quality, performance, and reliability.

Products made with Genuine Viton® fluorocarbon elastomer offer these benefits:

  • Outstanding resistance to heat, oxidation, weathering, and ozone
  • Excellent resistance to a broad variety of fluids including the following:
    •  Aliphatic hydrocarbons (such as gasoline)
    •  Aromatic hydrocarbons (such as toluene)
    •  Halogenated fluids (such as Freon)
    •  Strong acids.
  • Outstanding resistance to compression set, providing performance and longevity unmatched by any non-fluorinated elastomer.

To request literature on the Genuine Viton® program or determine the appropriate Parco compound for your application, please contact a Parco customer service representative.