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Viton® Extreme (ETP) O-rings & Rubber Seals

  • Posted by Parco Inc on March 15, 2012

Certain elastomers can make O-rings & rubber seals expensive.

When someone looks at an O-ring or molded rubber seal, they usually don’t think it can cost upwards to several hundred dollars apiece.  Most of the time, general-purpose seals are only a few cents or dollars apiece.  The cost of the O-ring or rubber seal is greatly affected by the elastomer used to make it.  The most popular and least expensive elastomer is nitrile (Buna).  More than fifty percent of sealing needs can be met using nitrile.  While every seal serves the same purpose (to block the passage of liquid or gas) they are all exposed to different environments.  Many demanding industries like oil field machinery and chemical processing can expose rubber seals to extreme temperatures and caustic fluids on a daily basis.  Sometimes, rubber seals made from specialty elastomers are the only thing that will withstand those applications.  You certainly wouldn’t want to use the same O-ring you put in your kitchen sink as you would four miles below the earth’s surface in a drill bit.


Rubber seals made from perfluoroelastomers offer the best resistance to high temperatures and chemicals…but at a high cost.

Rubber seals made from perfluoroelastomers can resist continuous service temperatures of up to 600°F.  There is no other elastomeric material that can offer such resistance. Standard elastomers can usually seal up to 400°F.  Pefluoroelastomers also have inherent reisistance to aggressive chemicals.  O-rings and molded rubber seals made from perfluoroelastomers resist more chemicals than seals made from any other elastomer.  As you may have guessed, any seal made from a perfluoroelastomer will cost a significant amount.  Unless you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, you might want to consider a viable alternative.


Parco’s 9166-75 Viton® Extreme (ETP) O-rings and seals offers a less expensive alternative to perfluoroelastomers.

Parco’s compound, 9166-75, is made from a Viton® Extreme (ETP) polymer.  While that material can only be used in service temperatures up to 400°F, it offers reliable service similar to a perfluorelastomer in aggressive chemicals, but at a fraction of the cost.  O-rings and molded rubber seals made from a perfluoroelastomer compound can cost up to six times more than those made from Viton® ETP.  For more information on Parco’s Viton® ETP seals and chemical compatibility, download our 9166-75 Fluorocarbon Seals brochure.  You can also request a quote online and see the savings for yourself.

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