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Prototype O-rings, Back-up Rings, and Custom Shapes

  • Posted by Parco Inc on March 29, 2013

How quickly can I get prototype O-rings and custom rubber seals?

If you need prototype seals fast, consider Parco’s Rapid Prototype Program. Parco knows time is critical during product development and design improvement. If you need prototype O-rings or custom shapes, rely on Parco to provide them in as few as three working days. Parco offers three options for prototype seals to get you the seals you need, when you need them.

1. Standard O-rings and Back-up Rings (3 business days)
2. Non-Standard O-rings or Simple Custom Shapes (5 business days)
3. Complex Custom Shapes or Ground Parts (5 business days)

To learn more, download a copy of Parco’s Rapid Prototype Program brochure or contact a customer service representative at 909-947-2200.

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